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May 2023’s Best Men’s Grooming Drops

May is here, and the sun is out! It feels good to have to finally reach for the sunglasses, doesn't it? So, put away those winter layers and consider turning your focus to a summer clothing and fragrance wardrobe. I hope you all have a great month, here are my picks of the best in grooming to give you added inspiration!

Maison Crivelli Neroli Nasimba 

Neroli Nasimba is the latest release from French perfume house Maison Crivelli. As the weather warms up, we should all be reaching for lighter scents, and neroli certainly fits that description. However Neroli Nasimbia blends neroli and orange blossom, with labdanum, vetiver and most notably leather. This combination of notes results in a scent that blends the line between light and dark, bitter and fresh. As expected from Maison Crivelli, the quality is excellent, and is well worth seeking out and sniffing. Could this be your scent of the summer? 

Available from Selfridges - £85 for 30ml >

- Maison Crivelli
- Maison Crivelli

Skincycles DNA Defence Sun Shield

Whilst I preach about the importance of year round skincare, and that includes SPF, I believe every one of you understands that it’s especially important during the summer months. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with skin that tans well, I'm more of the bright red lobster variety. DNA Defence Sun Shield is a lightweight formulation that offers both UVA and UVB spectrum protection. At SPF100+ it makes a great option for applying to those easy to burn areas, such as face, neck and chest. Make sure you’re protected this summer! 

Available from Skincycles - £50 for 50ml >

- Skincycles
- Skincycles

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo 

Whilst nothing beats the perfect fragrance on the perfect summers day, there's plenty of moments throughout the day to brighten your mood with a fantastic fragrance. The Blu Mediterraneo range from Acqua Di Parma really is the scent of summer, and now they’ve expanded the line with Hand and Body Wash, as well as Body Lotion. Available in two fragrances, Arancia di Capri and Mirto di Panarea. Both are wonderful scents that transport you to the Italian coast, and who wouldn't want to be there this summer? 

Available from Selfridges - from £43 >

- Acqua di Parma
- Acqua di Parma

Electimuss Gladiator Oud

Now whilst the general rule is to wear lighter scents during the warmer months, rules are meant to be broken right? Gladiator Oud is the latest release from Electimuss, one of my new favourite perfume brands. Whenever i sample an oud fragrance, i'm always aware that it could turn to the animalic side, the famous barnyard note that you either love or hate. Gladiator Oud treads the line perfectly, with a touch of stable with the hay note, and sweat from cumin. However this is all balanced with the addition of honey, resulting in a very wearable and undoubtedly masculine scent. My tip is to spray frugally, this one has some power! 

Available from Electimuss - £395 for 100ml >

- Electimuss
- Electimuss

Paul Smith Sunseeker 

Sunseeker is the latest in the home fragrance collection from Paul Smith. The scent was created with inspiration of Paul’s fondest memories, taking summer trips to the Italian countryside. With notes of bergamot, mandarin and basil, you’ll be transported to dining on a summers eve amongst the citrus groves. Sunseeker is housed within the striking turquoise and yellow glass vessels, brightening your home visually, with a choice of 240g candle, 1kg candle or reed diffuser. Seeking some sun, let’s start at home! 

Available from Paul Smith - Available from £65 >

- Paul Smith
- Paul Smith

Granado Ambar 

Granado is a Brazilian fragrance brand, a country that’s no stranger to warm weather. Ambar is certainly a fragrance that to my nose, shines in the warmer months. Ambar opens with a spicy combination of cardamom, black pepper and lime, then a mid of amber, woods and lily of the valley. Finally hibiscus and musk join the party in the base. Despite the spice and richness of the amber and woods, Ambar remains light on skin, an easy wear that adds a little more depth and intrigue to your summer fragrance lineup. 

Available from Liberty - £58 for 100ml >

- Granado
- Granado

Nick Hogan

Nick is also known as The Scented Gent and is a fragrance enthusiast and podcaster who shares his thoughts and experiences with the latest and greatest global male grooming, men's beauty and fragrance releases.

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