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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Fitness Routine

Everyone knows that regular exercise is crucial for good health. Of course, working out regularly will make you look pretty good too. So whether you want to start training for the sake of your future health or you simply want to look ripped, there are many great reasons to begin a fitness routine. If you hit the gym already but aren’t seeing results, it is time to rethink your strategy. Creating a fitness routine can give your training the overhaul it needs to start delivering some serious results. But, creating a successful fitness routine is not always easy. According to Nuffield Health’s Healthier Nation Index, 32% of those surveyed said that not knowing how to get started was a barrier to exercising. But you don’t need to let this uncertainty stand in the way of you and your dream body. Instead, read this ultimate guide to creating a successful fitness routine and start transforming your training from today:

Understand Your Why 

Before you launch into another gym session, pause for a moment and remember why you are doing it. Understanding your reasons for working out is a great way to build your focus and get more from every training session. Designing your fitness routine around your ‘why’ will help you to achieve results faster and keep you on track for success.

- Jago
- Jago

Set Your Fitness Goals 

Fitness goals are essential to success, as you are far more likely to keep going with your routine if you have goals to work towards. Many people use the SMART technique to develop their fitness goals. Here are some main areas to focus on when setting your goals: 

- Make your goal specific to allow you to chart your progress and know when you have achieved it. 

- Ensure your goals are realistic. Setting unrealistic goals will only ruin your motivation as they are too challenging to achieve. 

- Break your goals down. Breaking your main goal down into several smaller ones is an excellent way to chart your progress. This allows you to work up to your main goal by breaking it down into bitesize pieces, making it far less intimidating. 

Work With a Personal Trainer 

Trying to figure out the best routine for your fitness level is not an easy thing to do alone. For this reason, many people decide to use the services of a personal trainer. A personal trainer can transform your workouts and help you tailor a fitness routine for your needs designed for you to succeed and achieve your goals. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, shows that 73 per cent of participants who worked out with a personal trainer for 10 weeks increased their abilities and moved up a fitness level. There is no doubt that working with a personal trainer can deliver impressive results. But it is essential to choose the best personal trainer. Selecting the right personal trainer means ensuring that they have availability at the times you are free, checking their motivation style, and assessing their experience. But the most crucial thing to look for in a personal trainer is their qualifications. Ensuring that the personal trainer has accredited personal trainer qualifications is a must. You need to know you are in safe hands and that you are being trained by a professional with the knowledge needed to help you get results while working out safely.


Ensure Your Routine is Balanced 

To deliver successful results for your health and change your appearance, your fitness routine needs to be mixed and balanced. The NHS recommends that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. Depending on your fitness goals, you and your personal trainer can adapt your workout programme to include the perfect mix of cardio and strength training to achieve optimum results. 

Stay Consistent 

The final and one of the most important ways to create a successful fitness routine that delivers lasting results is to make it consistent. When you consistently turn up to train and stick with your workout routine, you will see results, and you will notice them sooner. When you develop your fitness routine, you need to set yourself up for success, not failure. This means creating a routine that works consistently alongside your daily schedule so that you can stick with it. Planning your routine around your commitments and always having a backup plan so you can still exercise when your day doesn’t go as planned is a big help.

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